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  ...... a miracle is an act of God, however you conceive God to be.

  Where impossibility exists, only a miracle can prevail, to transform

  impossibility into reality. When such an occurrence happens, the believers

  say it's a miracle and the sceptics say if it happened, it was never impossible.

  As Albert Einstein said, everything is relative.

  At 1miracle.org we attempt to make impossibility become reality through prayer and action.

## Only one task is undertaken at any given time but it's continued until there is a positive result.

The next challenge: 
Stop the War - An attempt to stop the war in Ukraine is ignited supporting the courageous 44 Russian Chess Masters who published an open letter to Vladimir Putin "Stop the War".
Our objective: An armistice -cessation of hostilities on 18 Dec 2023 and officially stop the war on 18th December 2024.
Stop_the_War-1812 will be relayed at 18:12pm daily on social media until the war is stopped.

,December 1st, 2023:
Marist Media (Australia) commence the 18 day countdown with Rotary, Kyiv, Ukraine to 18-12-2023.


2021 Friday 28th May, an historic day: Students of Marist College Canberra are awarded the Marscom Shield for Marist Communications.

Reg Richardson A.M. alumni of MCC’s parent school, Marist Brothers Darlinghurst, presented the Shield that represents a decade of support by their Old Boys Union. Many priests of that school including Fr. John Anderson, Fr. Paul Chandler, Fr. John Doherty, Fr. Denis Hallinan, Fr. Pat McAuliffe, Fr. Pat McMaugh, Fr. Eugene Szondi, Fr. John Worthington and Fr. Paul Nully, Old Boy priest of Marist College Canberra have all offered Mass for its success.

The 24-day vigil culminated on Universal Children’s Day, 2020, launching a linkup of children across cultures in 12 languages, around the world.

   ~ Miracles do happen ~

2020 Nov. 20th. ~ Universal Children's Day ~ a global celebration of children. The statement of rights, "The Children's Manifesto" is launched at 1pm by students of Marist College Canberra following a 24-day vigil - an historic occasion.

They are the first generation of the 3rd Millennium, Gen3M, and their message stretches to children in the farthest reaches of Planet Earth, in many languages, across many cultures, confronting prejudice, defending the rights of children. It is their legacy to future generations.

2019: The youngest generation, Gen3M, born Jan 1st. 2001 – Dec 31st 2025, are
coming of  age and "The Children's Manifesto" has now been recorded in English, Chinese, Farsi (Persian), French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Sign Language.  [Ctrl + click to follow hyperlinks for mp3 and pdf]

2018: A formal request was passed to Julie Bishop M.P. for recognition of Universal Children's Day on Nov. 20th.  It has now been recorded 10 languages and still more coming.

2017: A long journey reaches a critical point: It's Universal Children's Day and UCD is still not recognised by the Australian government on November 20th. Australia celebrates International Children's Day in October.

2016: An SOS goes to Matt Thistlethwaite M.P. who advises that he's taking The Children's Manifesto to Parliament.  It has now been translated into 8 languages and growing.

2014 - 2015: It has now been translated into 7 languages and growing.

2013: The children of the Philippines have picked up the SOS. It's being translated into 6 languages with growing video support.

2012: Children from Brazil and Italy have picked up the SOS. "The Children's Manifesto" is now conveyed in 5 languages.

2011: Children from China and Indonesia have picked up the SOS. "The Children's Manifesto" is conveyed in 3 languages.

2010: More Marists provide support. Upstage Performing Arts offer support.

The delivery of "The Children's Manifesto" to begin a global link-up of children worldwide, is to inspire hope for the many disadvantaged children. To organise the infrastructure required for the occurrence on a global scale, appears to be a most difficult task almost an impossibility. Kids 4 Kids continues to work toward that goal.

2009: A lone Marist voice delivers "The Children's Manifesto"