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  ...... a miracle is an act of God, however you conceive God to be.

  Where impossibility exists, only a miracle can prevail, to transform

  impossibility into reality. When such an occurrence happens, the believers

  say it's a miracle and the sceptics say if it happened, it was never impossible.

  As Albert Einstein said, everything is relative.

  At 1miracle.org we attempt to make impossibility become reality through prayer and action.

## Only one task is undertaken at any given time but it's continued until there is a positive result.

  The story so far:  "The Children's Manifesto"  [as at 2009].

2009: There is a lone Marist voice out there reciting The Children's Manifesto.

2010: More Marists provide support. Upstage Performing Arts offer support without hesitation.

The delivery of "The Children's Manifesto" to begin a global link-up of children worldwide, is to inspire hope for the many disadvantaged children. To organise the infrastructure required for the occurrence on a global scale, appears to be a most difficult task almost an impossibility. Kids 4 Kids continues to work toward that goal.

2011: Children from China and Indonesia have picked up the SOS. "The Children's Manifesto" is conveyed in 3 languages.

2012: Children from Brazil and Italy have picked up the SOS. "The Children's Manifesto" is conveyed in 5 languages.

2013: The children of the Philippines have picked up the SOS. It's being translated into 6 languages with growing video support.

2014: It has now been translated into 9 languages and growing.

2015: Faith triumphs as a long journey reaches a critical point ... December 2015 awaits

"The Children's Manifesto"  [as at 2015]